Campaign launched to stop unacceptable student living conditions

  • The NQ launches the Stop Student Squalor, #endunfithomes campaign.
  • NQ reporter James Oliver is leading the campaign, aiming to raise awareness of unacceptable student homes in Manchester, and to raise awareness of what students can do if they find themselves in a house unfit for habitation.
  • This campaign hoped that landlords will give students a safe, clean space for them fit to live in.

76% of students reported having at least one problem with their housing conditions, and of those, 47% reported they had problems with mould. A further 15% responded saying they had more hazardous problems such as exposed wiring – a #StopStudentSqualor independent study has found. 

The ‘Private Members Bill’, campaigned by Labour, is proposed legislation to require that rented accomodation is provided and maintained in a state of fitness for human habitation – this campaign hopes to raise awareness of student homes that are unfit for human habitation.

According to The Health Survey for England;  those living in bad housing are at much greater risk of poorer general health, low mental wellbeing and respiratory problems.

‘Bad housing’ includes:

  • Excess cold
  • Crowding and space
  • Fire risk
  • Dampness and mould growth
  • Domestic hygiene pests and refuse
  • Electrical faults
Damp in a student's home
Black mould and damp in a student’s home


Of those who claimed to have unacceptable living conditions, 81.25% strongly agreed that there isn’t enough information available of what to do when their landlord doesn’t repair these issues, our study found.

The campaign’s aim is also to give you the information you need if your landlord isn’t repairing issues, and to help you get the safe and healthy living space you deserve whilst studying. 

Nearly 15 million of us live in bad housing, and a large proportion of that number is in privately rented accommodation. As a renter, you have a right to adequate housing that will not contribute to your ill-health.

To help, please sign the petition, follow the Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on the progression of the campaign.