Campaign launched to save independent retail businesses from closure within first five years

  • KEEP’EMOPEN a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of shopping in your local independent retail businesses
  • Led by NQ reporter Sean Anderson, the campaign intends to avert a crisis that will result in no high quality local produce

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness on supporting your local independent retailers and why it is so important. Local produce may cost slightly more but the quality surpasses any products sold by larger retail companies. It helps local suppliers to continue to sell their products to local businesses and to support their families.

20% of small businesses unfortunately fail in their first year of being open. Another 30% of small businesses who were luckily enough to scrape through the first year, end up closing in the second year. Then a staggering 50% of small businesses fail within five years of being open. This has to change, we have to give back and take care of the community that works so hard to keep high quality and fresh products in the retail industry.

My mother and father have a local business themselves and to watch them suffer through difficult periods you feel powerless, so I want to increase people’s knowledge on why we need to #KEEP’EMOPEN. It’s a life style not a job to them.

Sign the petition here to get involved. Please follow our social media accounts also, twitter and facebook. Spread the word.