Campaign launched raising awareness on the negative affects of screen use on sleep patterns

  • #ChooseToSnooze is the official campaign set up to raise awareness on the detrimental affect of screen use on children and their sleep habits.
  • We want schools to include sleep education on their curriculum – so that we have a nation of children who sleep better, feel better and learn better.

Teenagers’ sleep quality and mental health is being put at serious risk because of late-night device usage.

Over the last decade we have witnessed a huge increase in the accessibility and usage of electronic devices, and although these devices play an important role in the social lives of adolescents – they are stopping children from getting good quality sleep.

Only just over half of young people aged 11-17 are getting more than 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleeping for  less than 8 hours can have a negative  affect on concentration levels in school as well as causing anti social behaviour.

But many parents are unaware of the damaging affect phones and other devices are having on their children and their sleeping patterns. The light from screens can affect how easily children get to sleep, and gadgets can be a constant distraction, stopping children getting the rest they need to develop adequately.

Throughout the campaign we will speak to sleep experts, doctors and professionals to find out more about ways that we can tackle this issue. 

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