Campaign launched to raise awareness about rent inequality against Tier 1 visa entrepreneurs

  • NQ today officially launches its #Rentinequality campaign
  • Led by Hanya Hesham, the campaign aims to raise awareness about rent discrimination against Tier 1 visa entrepreneurs

“Being able to rent a place to live in is a basic human right anyone could ask for”

There are approximately 5,127 Tier 1 and 97,147 Tier 2 visa holders in the UK.

When we look at these statistics we probably assume that these visa holders and their families will have a secure place to live in.

What we do not see, or try to ignore are the rules that promote discrimination against non-UK/ EU citizens.

Tier 1 visa, also known as an entrepreneur visa, allows overseas business men and women to invest in a new business or take over a successful running business.

The increase in overseas investors helps reduce poverty by creating jobs, new markets and increasing the UK’s economic wealth.

Tier 2 visa is for skilled workers who have a job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer. 

The Right to rent rule introduced in 2016 forces landlords to check the immigration status of potential tenants, resulting in landlords refusing to rent to people without British passports, or with a foreign name or even a foreign accent.

The right to rent law clashes with and contradicts the Equality Act introduced in 2010 which states that private and social housing landlords must not discriminate against a tenant who applies to rent a property.

Although part of the UK economy is dependent on non-UK/EU citizens, the government still imposes rules to make it difficult or even impossible for them to have a secure place to live in. Renting equality is a concern for everyone, it should not matter whether the person is a non-UK/ EU citizen or not. Equal housing opportunities should be valid for everyone.

Sign our petition to raise awareness of rent discrimination and ask the Government to impose a law to end it up here.

You can also use #Rentalinequality to support the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

For more details of the campaign, visit our website: