Campaign launched to raise awareness about the dangers of phone use whilst driving

  • Campaign launched to encourage drivers to end mobile phone use whilst driving.
  • 30% of drivers admit to using their mobile devices when driving.
  • EyesUp is a brand new campaign created to raise awareness about the dangers of mobile phone use when in a vehicle.

Eyes Up campaign aims to raise awareness to drivers about the dangers of distracted walking especially when people use their mobile phones.

In today’s society, social media is so prevalent is our day to day lives. The Eyes Up Campaign urges drivers to be alert when driving and reinforces that this action can wait until parked.

Phone use when driving has always been a big issue in the UK, and with time it seems we are backtracking rather that moving forward.
This change is overdue, and needs to begin now.

A law against using mobile phone devices – or similar. (The Road Vehicles (construction and use) (amendment) (no. 4) Regulations) whilst driving was introduced on December 1st, 2003. Making it illegal to drive a car or motorbike whilst using a a mobile phone device. This law also applies when stopped at a traffic light, or directing a learner. If caught doing so, individuals would receive three points on their license and have to pay a fine of £60.

Ten years later in 2013, the fine was increased to £100, reinforcing that this offence is extremely serious.

In March 2017, the fine was increased again, to £200. Drivers who go against this law will also receive six points on their license. 

As of 2018 the remaining law still stands. However, phone use whilst driving is still the 2nd most common type of distracted driving, closely following eating.

There is clearly a lot more work to be done. Please sign the petition and as a community, we can raise more awareness on this issue and hopefully encourage more drivers to #BeAlert on the road. 
And always keep your #EyesUp!

For more updates on #EyesUpCampaign you can follow the Twitter account @eyesupcampaign. You can engage in this campaign further by visiting the site here.