Campaign Launched to Make Dairy-Free Alternatives Free in Coffee Shops.

  • Coffee shops currently charge an extra 40p for their dairy-free milk options.
  • Plant-based milk sales have increased by 30% since 2015.
  • Additional fee is not fair for people with allergies.

#MilkFree is campaigning for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants to offer plant based milks free of charge.

Currently most places, including Cafe Nero and Starbucks, charge 40p for alternative milk options. Although there is usually no charge for soya milk, it would be beneficial for those who don’t consume dairy and soy.

According to a recent study, plant-based milk sales have increased 30% since 2015 so it is clear more and more people are choosing an alternative to dairy milk. Surely this should be encouraged with free alternatives instead of steering people away with a 40p charge.

There are so many beneficial reasons why people should make the switch in general so if everyone had a fair wide selection in a coffee shop, the numbers of plant-based milk sales might rise further.

With the recent environmental report, people may start thinking about cutting out dairy (and meat) to help with the sustainability of our planet. Further benefits of plant-based milks include:

  • They are rich in minerals and vitamins,
  • Most are low in fat,
  • They are great for people with a slow digestive system
  • Do not contain cholesterol.

Lets work together to make these plant-based milks free of charge and fair for everyone.

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Click here to visit the MilkFree website.