Campaign launched to lower the price of gluten free food in UK supermarkets

  • The Northern Quota launches the campaign #CapforCoeliacs
  • The price of gluten free food in UK supermarkets is draining Coeliacs' pockets
  • Campaigning for UK supermarkets to lower the price of gluten-free food and raise awareness of the auto-immune disease

Coeliac Disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease that is caused by the immune system reacting to gluten.

Around one in every 100 people are affected in the UK.

Symptoms of Coeliac disease are diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, anaemia, weight loss, hair loss, tooth enamel problems, depression and liver abnormalities.
Those who have the disease who continue to eat gluten can cause long-term complications like osteoporosis, anaemia and more seriously can cause bowel cancer.

Once diagnosed the only treatment for Coeliac Disease is a completely gluten-free diet, which is why this campaign has been started.

Buying gluten-free food in the UK can cost a small fortune.

For ONE small 560g loaf of gluten free seeded bread in the UK, it costs £3.00. For bread including wheat, it is £1.55 for 800g. A huge difference.

If gluten-free food is made cheaper to buy in the UK more people will be able to afford necessities like bread.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about Coeliac Disease, get supermarkets and gluten-free suppliers to recognise that it is not a choice to have Coeliac Disease, we need a #CapforCoeliacs and for the supermarkets to #ThinkCoeliac and reduce the price of gluten-free food.

Together, with the help of this campaign, we can teach people why eating gluten-free food is a necessity for people with the disease, and why it is crucial for people with Coeliac to follow this diet so they can live a healthy life, without having to pay so much.

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