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Campaign launched to highlight the need for better contraception awareness amongst young girls and women

  • The NQ has launched its #EveryWomanEveryGirl campaign


  • Led by reporter Shannon Allanson, the campaign hopes to highlight the need for better contraceptive awareness amongst young girls and women


As a society, todays culture is becoming more and more comfortable discussing a subject which has for centuries been seen as the greatest of taboos- sex. What was once reserved for husband and wife (or hidden on the dirty back room shelves of a sleazy video shop) is now being widely portrayed across the media through the introduction of franchises such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” and TV programmes like “Naked Attraction”.

Women are finally being encouraged to embrace their sexuality just like their male counterparts- better late than never right girls!

But with this new found sexual freedom, which see’s women break the shackles of negative labels such as sl*t, wh*re and sl*g comes a new responsibility- safe sex. Despite the many different types of contraception, studies show that worldwide only 64 per cent of women of reproductive age use contraceptives. At first glance this number may seem promising, sure it’s in the majority but that still means that 37% of females worldwide – which means approximately 1372809388 women- are risking unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

And why? Mainly due to a lack of contraception aware which means many women and girls don’t understand all the different types of contraceptive methods available or how to get them- which in an era that has performed full face transplants, produced robot citizens and managed to successfully land a rocket in the middle of the ocean- seems ridiculous. 

Which is why we have launched our campaign #everywomaneverygirl which hopes to draw attention to the desperate need for better education of contraceptive methods amongst woman and girls; in the hopes that this will in time reduce the number of girls and women not using contraception from 37% to zero. 


See our full campaign at www.everywomaneverygirl.wordpress.com and have your say via our Twitter and Facebook pages.


Or sign our petition at change.org to help get contraception lesson taught in all primary schools across the UK- because it’s never too early to start planning for a safer future.