Campaign launched to get mental health education on the curriculum

  • The Northern Quota has launched a campaign to get wellbeing on the national curriculum and to face the stigma attached to mental health issues, #HeadOn.
  • MMU student Amy-Lea Wright has launched the campaign after seeing a rise in mental health problems in the classroom and a strain on the mental health resources available.

75% of mental health issues start before the age of 18.

And it’s no surprise. Under 18s are probably the most vulnerable group as they face so many transitions whilst growing up. From moving school, changes in friendship groups, gaining siblings, losing grandparents, exposure to playground-bullying, exposure to cyberbullying, exam pressure, going through puberty, deciding on a career path; all these factors make adolescence a very stressful time.

So why is physical health and sexual health education compulsory subjects in secondary schools but mental health education is not?

We teach youngsters the symptoms of chlamydia. Why don’t we teach them the symptoms of anxiety?

The brain is the most complex organ of the body and it is really important that young adults have the opportunity to learn how their own brains are developing. If they were taught to talk more freely about thoughts and feelings it would undoubtedly help them tackle any issues and it would undoubtedly help us, as a society, to remove the stigma which has been attached to mental health for far too long. 

So sign the petition here and let’s get mental health on the curriculum. 

Let’s face the stigma #HeadOn.

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