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Campaign launched to ditch the disability stigma within sport

  • MMU student Maddie Leivers launches the #DitchTheDisabilityStigma campaign.
  • Aiming to raise awareness of the stigma and difficulties disabled people face within sport.

How many paralympians could you name? Better yet, how many disability sports could you list? If you can answer either of these questions then you’re one of the few.

But here to change that is the #DitchTheDisabilityStigma campaign. It aims to raise awareness and explore the difficulties faced by those with disabilities within sport.

Although sport is widely praised for its ability to bring people together, it’s shocking to learn that disabled people are twice as likely to not particpate in sport compared to non-disabled people.

From funding for equipment to lack of suitable transport, there are a number of reasons why particpation levels are so low. By highlighting these issues we can increase the number of people with disabilities taking part in sport and ultimately, break down the stigma.

No matter the sport, together we can encourage, develop, and support those with disabilities.

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