Campaign launched to combat crime and anti-social behaviour in the SK8 area of Manchester.

  • Over 700,000 young people, aged 16 – 24, in the UK were not employed, in education, or in training. 
  • Anti social behaviour and crime in the SK8 area of Greater Manchester has risen and residents have had enough.
  • Campaign launched to combat the issuse through the opening of a specialised youth centre to help youth stay off the streets.

Change for Cheadle Youth is a campaign raised to combat the levels of crime and anti social behaviour around the SK8 area of Greater Manchester through the opening of a specialised youth centre staffed with trained youth workers. 

In recent months, crime levels involving those under the age of eighteeen in Cheadle and surrounding areas has risen; whether it be car crime or theft, the residents have had enough.

Statistics from as recent as July 2018, from the Office of National Statistics, show that over 700,000 young people in the UK (aged between 16 – 24) were not in employment, education or training. This is over 10% of the entire young population of the United Kingdom.

Abuse, financial trouble, lack of a parental figure and more are all factors which contribute to the troubled upbringing of children, which in turns offers the potential for youth to grow up partaking in criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

The aim of our campaign is not to name and shame the offenders, but to make a difference in the community by offering a helping hand.

We believe there should be a youth centre in the community staffed with trained youth workers, enabling the community to work together to tackle the situation at hand.

At the same time, this would offer the next generation help and support with any issues they may be facing.

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