Campaign launched to change the laws surrounding energy drinks and their sale to under 16s.

  • UK children consume energy drinks at a higher rate than kids in any other European country

  • In August 2018 the government proposed a ban to make selling energy drinks to under 16's illegal

  • NQ Reporter Joey Crutchley has created this campaign to put pressure on the government to implement the proposed ban

It has been revealed that UK children consume energy drinks at a higher rate than kids in any other country in Europe. 

Ever since the launch of Red Bull back in 1994, the UK student and clubber scene went wild for the odd yet fruity drink credited as an “energy drinks” Two decades later and the energy drinks market is still vastly growing with brand new competitors aiming to take the crown from Red Bull. However now it’s not just young adults that gulf them down, it is instead young children. 

Research has revealed that around one in three young people say that they regularly consume energy drinks and the sales of energy drinks in the UK increased by 185% between 2006 and 2015.

While these energy drinks may promise a boost of adrenaline and energy its end result can lead to serious health consequences or even death. In 2017 a teenage boy died after drinking three high energy drinks while a total of 34 deaths since 2004 have been linked to energy drinks as obtained from documents from the Food and Drug Administration

Earlier this year, major UK supermarkets committed to not selling the drinks to under 16’s, however both convenience stores and vending machines are everywhere. The government in August 2018, announced they were to propose a ban on selling the drinks to under 16’s, therefore this campaign has been made to put pressure on the Government to implement the ban. 

We should not be allowing our children to drink these.

So together, let’s #KickTheKaffeine

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