Campaign launched for action against breeders who knowingly produce unhealthy, ‘flat-faced’ dogs.

  • In the last 3 years, 9 out of 10 vets have agreed on an increase of brachycephalic dogs being brought in with health problems.
  • 50% of brachycephalic dogs suffer with severe breathing problems due to poor breeding.
  • A campaign led by NQ reporter Megan Smith to pressure the government to prosecute breeders who willingly produce unhealthy, ‘flat-faced’ dogs.


During the last 3 years, 9 out of 10 vets have agreed on an increase in the number of brachycephalic dogs being brought to them with health problems.

Brachycephalic or more commonly known as ‘flat-faced’ are dogs that are born with a relatively broad, short skull. This feature is prominent in current popular breeds such as pugs and bulldogs.

Although their huge eyes and squashed faces are undeniably adorable; it is also the reason 50% suffer with severe breathing problems whilst many also struggle with walking, skin, and eye complications. Such health problems often force dogs to live in over-populated shelters due to overwhelmed owners.

Whilst they are definitely not the only breed who suffer from selective breeding, flat-faced dogs are currently sparking the most concern. The Kennel Club leader-board for the most popular dogs in the UK show that the French bulldog holds second place, followed by the pug in fourth. Mainly from celebrity and media endorsements, these breeds are deemed ‘fashionable’ which has led to high demand and an even higher increase of unsafe, backyard breeding.

#CruelToBeCute directs this campaign towards government law to affirm legislation against the selective breeding of brachycephalic dogs, fronting breeders who knowingly produce unhealthy dogs with prosecution. 

Please sign our ‘Cruel To Be Cute’ petition to help put an end to this. 

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