Campaign launched to abolish the ‘curve’ section and house all clothing sizes together

  • #KickTheCurve campaign launched to stop the segregation of 'curve' and 'standard' clothing sizes.
  • The campaign gives you a voice to tell fashion companies that this does not help self-esteem.
  • Launched by Jayde Gamble who aims to ask the brands why a separate section is neccessary

In recent years fashion brands and websites have started to introduce the ‘curve section’. Seemingly, a less offensive way of saying ‘plus size’, but nevertheless still segregating those of a slimmer physique to those of us who are ‘curvy’.

The average clothing size of women in the UK is a size 16 – which three Manchester based companies (, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing) all cater for within their curve sections. My question is why? If this is the ‘average’ size of a woman then why are these women made to feel above ‘average’ as they are forced to shop in the curve section of online clothing sites?

My campaign is simple – bring together all clothing sizes and abolish the elected ‘plus size’ sections from websites.

Men and Women’s confidence are both knocked on a daily basis via social media images of the ‘perfect body’ without having to feel embarrassed that they must shop from the designated area laid out for them.

Upon researching for my campaign I found that the three aforementioned sites all having a different starting point for their ‘curve’ section ranging from size 14-18, which leads me to believe that clothing websites have very little guidelines of what is actually deemed as ‘plus size’.

I will share the voices of both men and women who fall into the ‘curve’ or ‘big and tall’ sections of clothing as well as communicating with the companies themselves to make them aware of the issues the segregated areas are causing.

Throughout my campaign I will hope to make clothing companies realise that our own section is not what we need and in fact we need to unite all sizes and forget about singling anyone out!

Sign my petition to show fashion businesses that we do not want our own segment and in fact would just like to be able to shop in the same section as everyone else:

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