Campaign to help women speak out about miscarriages

  • The NQ has teamed up with The Miscarriage Trust today
  • The campaign, led by NQ reporter Megan Russell, is aiming to help raise awareness of the trauma and break the stigma attached to miscarriages  

One in four women in their lifetime will miscarry, with one in 100 expected to experience recurrent miscarriages.

A surprising statistic that sadly only those affected are likely to know 0 – which is why The Northern Quota is launching a campaign together with the Miscarriage Trust.

There is a distinct lack of knowledge and attention surrounding such an important medical issue here in the United Kingdom and this can often lead to already venerable women feeling alone and unsure where to seek help.

For the educated individuals that we are it’s surprising how superstitious we are on matters concerning our health and the health of others. Most couples choose to announce they are pregnant within the 10th-12th week of pregnancy.

Keeping the news a secret is almost a way to prevent ‘jinxing’ the pregnancy and tempting bad fate. The heartbreak of having to tell friends and family of the loss is quite obviously a major factor too and something you and your partner may just want to keep to themselves.

But once the first trimester has passed the risk of miscarriage drops significantly to just a 3% chance. Parents during this time feel they have reached the point where luck may actually be on their side and begin to tell the world.

Most women only open up about their miscarriage experiences once they have completed their family in fear they might upset their chances. This unfortunately creates the stigma facing miscarriage and it remains a taboo subject.

We can only hope that more women are brave enough to speak out about their experiences to inform those who sadly find themselves in the same situation.

The Miscarriage Trust allows you to do just that we aim to create a central point of communication for all those affected by pregnancy loss, updating you with the current topical affairs and new medical research into miscarriage treatment. For details of the campaign visit