Campaign to help combat elderly loneliness

  • Northern Quota launches its Never Feel Alone Campaign
  • Reporter Laura Jones aims to raise awareness to help combat elderly loneliness and encourages people to get involved
According to charities, around 1.2 million older people are chronically lonely in the UK and half of all older people in the UK (that’s 5 million) consider TV to be their main form of company. Older people can very suddenly find themselves in a situation where they are on their own – perhaps due to losing their partner or having become cut off from the outside world. Especially over Christmas, it can be incredibly difficult to carry on living alone. Northern Quota has therefore decided to launch the Never Feel Alone campaign, in aim to raise awareness and encourage people to help anyone who may be alone however possible, to ensure they never feel as though they are on their own.
NQ has been given the chance to speak to several elderly people who currently struggle to be on their own as well as charities and organisations who are already on the right path to helping those who are alone to reconnect and find their way again.
Visit our campaign website and support us on Twitter using #neverfeelalone