A campaign to encourage people to train their dogs properly

Friendnotfoe is a campaign to encourage dog owners to train their dogs properly. Its aim is to encourage dog owners to ensure that their dogs don’t become a nuisance – by taking steps to train them correctly, with the help of expert support.

According to PDSA, there are almost nine million dogs in the UK.  In 2016, 33,000 calls were made to the Dogs Trust about handing over an unwanted dog. These dogs had one or more behaviours that owners found difficult to live with.

UK wide research from the national statistics has identified behaviour problems as the most common reason for dogs to be given up for rehoming.   Behaviour problems are also the most common reason for dogs aged under two to be put to sleep by vets, says Adrian Burder, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust.
Meanwhile, animal shelters are struggling with numbers as Christmas nears. So a further aim of this campaign is to encourage people to try to change their dog’s poor behaviour rather than simply rehome it. We believe that shelters should be a last resort; that a dog owner’s responsibility must include training. This campaign will highlight where owners can go to for support so that their dog can truly become their #friendnotfoe.
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