Campaign aims to open discussion about Zero Hour Contracts

  • NQ today officially launched its campaign to open the debate surrounding zero hour contracts
  • Our reporter, Jordan Murphy, leads the campaign looking into the positives and negatives of the employment practice

Our campaign is dedicated to highlighting the issue of zero-hours contracts. In the past four years, the number of employees who work on zero hours contracts has sky rocketed and is currently at its highest ever: 903,000.

But who’s suffering?

Those who are working are living their lives day to day and don’t know if tomorrow they are guaranteed a pay cheque.

Simply put, employers are exploiting employees and zero hours contracts have become something more than a short-term agreement.

The Northern Quota believe it’s time to put a cap on the problem. Since 2012, the number of employees on zero hours contracts has a dramatic rise. Employers are using such contacts as a platform to exploit employees and keep them at the sharpest end of the employment list.

However, we do see the positives in zero hours contracts. The zero hours contract can be beneficial to employers and their flexibility can help instead of hinder.

We wanted to get an insight on what it is really like to be under one of these contracts and to do this we got the opinions of those on both sides of the argument.

One person is fed up and wants to leave his zero hours contract behind, he feels like he is being used for cheap labour and frankly feels exploited. The others are content with their current employment and feel that the flexible hours benefit them.

Follow the link to get involved in our full campaign: