Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

Despite Mayor Andy Burnham’s efforts Manchester is placed under Tier Three lockdown restrictions

  • Reports say the Joint Biosecurity Centre's Gold Command 'signed off' on tier three restrictions
  • Mayor Andy Burnham fights to keep Manchester in tier two 
  • Manchester placed in tier two on Monday against recommendations of health officials

Manchester has entered tier three of lockdown imminently as fears over increasing cases in the Greater Manchester area mount.

Andy Burnham, Manchester’s Labour Mayor, spoke in a press conference today reassuring the press, including local Manchester papers, that he would work to keep Manchester in the second tier of governmental regulations. 

The Mayor said in a tweet tonight following the news of impending Tier Three: “At no point during tonight’s briefing was this news communicated to us. Media told first once again. Our position has not changed.”


A ‘gold command’ meeting was held by senior governmental officials and the announcement made later.

The Mayor and local politicians now need to decide if gyms, betting shops, casinos, hairdressers, and beauty salons should close.

If Manchester is placed into Tier Three, gyms may close
If Manchester is placed into Tier Three of government restrictions, gyms may close

Pubs will close, but some food establishments will be allowed to stay open.