Boxx2Boxx: A Journey from Football Glory with Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • BOXX2BOXX reflects a journey from football glory with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Emerging as a beacon of passion, BOXX2BOXX blends the love of football with community spirit
  • Enticing with a menu that promises growth in taste and community ties, BOXX2BOXX is quickly becoming a local favorite.

In an exclusive interview, Shelly Unitt, the manager and co-founder of Boxx2Boxx coffee shop in Northenden, shared her her new venture wut England Lioness Jill Scott.

Northenden residents and football fans are happy to host a coffee shop run and managed by England Lionesses whose spirit to achievement in football was fuelled by coffee.

It is a story of passion, football, and community. Founded in 2021 by a dynamic duo who graced the football fields for England Lionesses. BOXX2BOXX is a testament to their journey from the football pitch to the entrepreneurial world.

England Lioness Jim Scott

Jim Scott, England midfielder Credit: Osaro Ojo

Jim Scott played in England women’s league from 2006 to 2022 with 161 caps. She and Shelly partner set up the coffee shop in a small space along Palatine Road just to test the waters.

The coffee shop has experienced a surge in clientele since its reopening just two weeks ago.

Shelly said: “We’ve gone from like 25 seats to probably 125 seats. Obviously with the shop being in a busy area we have new customers and our regular customers.”

Kareen and her friend came from Wythenshawe to have a bite of Boxx2Boxx snacks and taste of the hot chocolate.

She said: “Yeah, it’s nice. It’s a nice location. It’s a lovely place. I really like the place. We’ve come today it’s our first time. We’re really happy with what we’ve found. So we’ve walked it from the far side of Wythenshawe in the rain.”


The name BOXX2BOXX symbolises the energy and drive of midfielder Jill Scott running from one box to another.

The shop has already captured the hearts of both new and regular customers in Northenden. The owners are committed to creating a welcoming atmosphere which is evident in every detail.

The Interior design of Boxx2Boxx/ credit: Osaro Ojo

The café has is a hotspot for surprise visits for football legends. Apart from coming in to have a bite, Karen and her friend came in to catch a glim of football celebrities popping.

“We’ve got Roy Keane popping in, we’ve got Phil Foden, we’ve got some of the lionesses like Chloe Kelly, Keira Wolf popping in,” Shelly explained.

Karen said: “We’re Wythenshawe born and bred and we don’t get to see celebrities like this often.”


Despite being a young establishment, the Northenden shop has faced no significant challenges, a testament to the thorough research and dedication of its owners. They have approached their business with the same strategic mindset that brought them success on the football field.

Shelly said: “We’ve done all our research. We’ve done everything right by the box. We’ve been good, really.”

Future plans?

The future looks bright for BOXX2BOXX, with an exciting line up of events on the horizon. An alcohol launch is in the works, promising to add a spirited twist to the menu.

Shelly added that the alcohol licence would make the place an even more enticing destination for those looking to unwind and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

The venue also aims to host music events, open mic nights, and bingo, creating a vibrant cultural scene that’s sure to draw crowds. The addition of latte art brings a creative flair to their coffee offerings, showcasing the skill and artistry of their baristas.

The Coffee shop is a community hub where people come together to enjoy good food, great company, and the share love of football. It’s a place where the spirit of the game meets the joy of dining, and where every customer leaves feeling like a part of the team.

While the business continues to grow and thrive, it stands as a shining example of how passion and perseverance can turn dreams into reality. From running box to box on the football field to serving up delicious meals and unforgettable experiences, the owners of BOXX2BOXX are scoring big in the game of life. And as they say in football, the best is yet to come.