Be CCTV Aware

It’s a Wednesday night in the student area of Manchester, Fallowfield and George and his friends have decided to go out for a few drinks. Everything seems normal as they leave and lock up everything as they normally would if they are going out. George however forgets to lock his bedroom window.

After a few drinks the house decides to go home and carry on drinking. They open the front door to find their house has been turned upside down and all their valuable belonging have disappeared. George opens the door to his room to find his bedroom window wide open, they had been burgled.

George and his friends ring the police and explain what has happened. The police ask if the house have any evidence or could tell the police anything about the burglar’s appearance. George remembers that his landlord had installed CCTV cameras at the front of the property. He asks the landlord for the footage and sends it the police. Luckily within a few weeks the police arrest the culprits.

George is one of the lucky ones however, thousands of students live in housing that is not guarded by CCTV and do not get the justice that they deserve.

We urge all student housing companies to Be CCTV Aware!!