Barrow AFC looking to chase their first league win after COVID-19 causes controversial promotion

This is something of a historic season for Barrow AFC as it marks their first return to the Football League in 48 years, after being voted out of the league and replaced by Hereford United due to financial issues and disappointing performances.

In 2020, they find themselves in a very prosperous position as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in which the season was cancelled at 37 games played, leaving the National League clubs to vote the final tables on a points-per-game basis.


Ian Evatt, taking the reins in June, 2018 was the man to take the team to the promised land but ultimately made the switch to Bolton Wanderers at the beginning of the season.

This change came as a surprise to many as Evatt had already gathered so much momentum with Barrow that people expected him to capitalize on the good work and establish themselves in the Football League.

Conversely, Bolton had just come off the back of possibly their lowest point as a club consisting of financial difficulties and their first relegation to the fourth division for the second time in their history. 

The north west team that has earned the nickname Barrowcelona, a reference to their adaptation of the ‘tiki taka’ style of play made famous by FC Barcelona are yet to record their first win of the season.

Time is on the side of the Bluebirds however, as after three games they sit comfortably in 18th out of 24 with a record of two draws and just the one loss.

To write them off this early into the season would be extremely unfair on David Dunn’s men, given the performances all show signs of a solid side that will not go down without a fight and the score line reflects that.