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Aspiring young entrepreneur creates ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ business ideal for Christmas gifts

  • Young woman establishes own buisness during second lockdown
  • Buisness desired to spread joy, happiness and love to others through taste of confectionary 
  • Inspired by 2007 film Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium

A 19-year-old part-time waitress put on furlough from her waitressing job has started up her own business venture.

Shannon Dean has started her own buisness from home while under the second lockdown.


Shannon Dean, 19, owner of Wonder Box Emporium.


It is called Wonder Box Emporium after the 2007 film, Mr Magorium’s Wonder  Emporium.

Shanoon said: “I created that name because it reminds me of a film I loved when I was younger; called Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007).

“He would have a toy shop, filled with sweets and toys that came to life.

“The film was about hope, around never giving up and it’s always stuck with me. That is why I based my business around the same concept.

“Chocolate makes me happy, and I want to share that happiness with others.”

Shannon creates handmade boxes of chocolates with an ‘explosion’ effect. As the lid is lifted, the box separates into different sections or layers filled with confectionary, similar to Russian nested dolls.

Shannon has created her business intended to spread her concept in time for Christmas. 

She said: “Once made, I will package them with gift wrap and ribbon, then it can be sold as a unique one-off gift.

“If a person is on a budget I will definitely take that in mind and do my best possible to accommodate.”

Shannon is still developing her business during this second lockdown.

She said: “There will be plenty of variety,  I also plan on creating, entirely retro American sweets, as well as care packages made to order for both children and adults.

“The child packages, shall include their choice of confectionary followed by a colouring book, or reading book to develop learning. Adult care packages, may include things targeted at self-care (bath bombs, perfumes, face masks). Including the gift wrap and ribbon for decoration and uniqueness.”