Anteros return to Soup Kitchen in anticipation of their debut album

  • Dreampop band Anteros sell out Soup Kitchen once more
  • The band are in the midst playing of their final set of shows of the year
  • Their highly anticipated debut album When We Land is released March 2019

London quartet Anteros have swiftly made a name for themselves on the alternative scene after releasing their self-titled debut in 2014. With undertones of music from an array of recent decades, the self-proclaimed ‘bittersweet dreampop’ band are creating a whole new breed of modern indie.

The four-piece made up of vocalist Laura Hayden, Joshua Rumble on bass, Jackson Couzens on guitar and Harry Balazs on drums want you to know they’re not trying to be like any other band. Anteros are here to stand firmly on the foundations of bands like Blondie and The Killers and, on them, build something only their hands can.

In a period of limbo anticipating the release of their long-awaited debut album, Anteros take to Manchester’s Soup Kitchen for an intimate, sold out show. There’s no sign of messing around as the punchy drums and meaty guitar of Cherry Drop quickly kick the crowd into gear and the band race onto stage.

The gloriously gutsy Laura Hayden appears fearless as she feverishly belts out sour lyrics about her ‘cherry drop deceiver’. Her glittery outfit shimmering under the lights as she dances, energetically but deliberately, on every little bit of the compact stage.

The band aren’t shy of hitting the 200-strong crowd early with new tracks including the falsetto flaunting Call Your Mother. Eliciting reactions just as enthusiastic as those for their older music. 

Hayden blends theatrical, vogue inspired motions with punk head banging in Ring Ring, changing character in the transition from verse to chorus. Her mischievous and alluring expressions leave the front row hoping to lock eyes with her before she flips her hair back and becomes lost in the music once again.

The familiar riff of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walkin calls for a karaoke style singalong amongst the crowd and sees drinks raising as it morphs into intoxicating fan favourite Drunk. The turbulent guitars and blathering lyrics saying ‘cheers’ to gravity make for the perfect soundtrack to having ‘one too many’. A definite Anteros classic for years to come.

Hayden’s high energy and stamina remains present throughout the entire show, even when she invites 15 girls on stage to accompany her for girl-worshipping, pop track Bonnie. Putting the spotlight on the importance of female empowerment in what is likely to become a live show tradition.

The absence of Fade To Grey and encore-less ending certainly left the crowd wondering what to do with themselves. Yet the poignant and, better fit for an arena, performance of final song Anteros may have been enough for everyone to leave with high spirits.

Ticking The Other Stage at Glastonbury off their bucket list in 2016 was a huge highlight of their career so far and a sign of even bigger things to come. Now with three EPs and supporting indie legends Two Door Cinema Club under their belt, the dream-poppers are embracing their own cute and courteous version of the rock and roll lifestyle.

The new album When We Land is yet to hit the live shows with full force. But from the glimpses Manchester got, it’s looking like the new music will take them to a whole new level. Anteros are growing nicely into the incomparable band they have always wanted to be.

Things are looking promising for Anteros, a name which means ‘requited love’. Seeing them live demonstrates it is a name fitting for a band as in love with as they are loved by a crowd.