#AnimalsAreFriendsNotFood: Campaign launched to encourage vegetarian / vegan diets to help reduce animal torture

  • NQ today officially lauched the #AnimalsAreFriendsNotFood campaign.
  • Led by our reporter Lydia O'Dowd, the campaign looks to encourage the incorporation of a vegetarian / vegan diet to help reduce the torture of animals.

Over a billion farm animals are slaughtered each year for human consumption.

These animals are reared in terrible conditions to be slaughtered and sold to supermarkets. We are brought up from a young age to be conditioned and desensitised towards cows, pigs, chicken and sheep etc, to view them as inferior beings whose existence is purely to provide us with meat, eggs and milk.

We understand it is very difficult to fully convert to a vegetarian / vegan if you are a meat lover but this campaign is here to encourage you to change and improve your diet by removing just ONE animal product from your diet a day by choosing the vegetarian / vegan alternatives.

You are not only improving your health but the cruel, torturous food industry – how difficult is it to change just one food product? – Every Little Helps.

“By adopting a vegan diet we can personally save upto 95 animals a year, and thousands during our lifetime”


In some supermarkets the vegetarian food section can be rather small with restricted choices. To make this change even easier for you we need to encourage supermarkets to improve their vegetarian / vegan sections and make them more accessible – SIGN this PETITION to raise awareness of the campaign and to encourage this change in supermarkets.


For more information please visit our website

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