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Altrincham manager: “Stick with me”

  • Matt Doughty, manager of struggling Altrincham FC, has asked supporters to "stick with him" as he starts the rebuilding process


Altrincham manager Matt Doughty has asked the supporters to stick by his side as he starts the rebuilding process for next year, whatever the outcome may be.

Speaking to The NQ, Doughty said: “Yes, I know 90% of the supporters will think that will be relegated, that’s fine. But they need to stick with us until the end of the season.”

I’m a Altrincham supporter myself and I know it’s frustrating.

"I love this club and when I see players out there who are not giving it their all, it really hurts me.”

Though Altrincham supporters must be frustrated with the terrible season they had to endure, with relegation all but certain following yesterday’s 3-2 loss to Gainsborough Trinity, the notion that the manager is remaining level-headed by putting out a fail-safe plan for next season this early on, must be of some reassurance.

Doughty continued: “We have started rebuilding for next year already. There has to be a plan in place and I’ve started that by signing Shawn Miller and Laurence Taylor. I will also I’ll speak to the chairman over the week so we can assess our position, and we’ll take it from there.”

One of the positives to take away from yesterday’s loss was debut of talented forward Tomi Adeloye who caused the Trinity defence all sorts of problems. He was substituted mid-way point through the second half owing to fitness concerns, which, Doughty stresses, will be vastly improved on over the next couple of games.

“Tomi was very good today up front. In the first half everything went through him. His fitness levels can be better and that day will come, but I think he did all the right things.”

Matt Doughty also announced two new signings for Altrincham F.C today in Shawn Miller and Laurence Taylor. The message seems clear: the club doesn’t want mercenaries for next season, they want players who are willing to stay and fight for the team.