Air quality warning in Sharston after reports of hazardous air pollution

  • High levels of nitrogen dioxide levels and fine particulate matter reported in Sharston
  • Warnings issued to people with respiratory illnesses

High air pollution levels have been detected in Sharston – with 10 public health warnings issued since the start of the year.

The figures come from Trafford Air Quality Services, who use data collected by Clean Air Greater Manchester to provide a health warning service to people, especially those who suffer from respiratory illnesses.

Lasty year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) lowered the safe pollution limit.

Peaks for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) occur during times of heavy traffic, especially on the M60 which emits substantial volumes of harmful fumes into nearby residential areas.

NO2 and PM2.5 emissions are mostly caused by fuel combustion. This resulted in the government agreeing to introduce a controversial Clean Air Zone across greater Manchester.

The zone, which has been delayed until 2026, will cover all 10 greater Manchester boroughs in a bid to reduce traffic build-up and lower air pollution in the region to within the updated WHO guidelines.

Clean Air Greater Manchester said: “High levels of air pollution from road traffic has a major impact on people’s health, contributing to 1,200 premature deaths in greater Manchester every year. It’s also increasingly seen as a contributor to breathing problems, heart disease and some cancers.”

“Greater Manchester Authorities remain committed to cleaning up the air residents breathe but in a way that helps people to make a change and does not put jobs, livelihoods and businesses at risk.

“Greater Manchester will now work with Government to deliver, by July 2022, a new Clean Air Plan for Greater Manchester that tackles the serious public health issue of poor air quality, but which protects jobs and businesses across the city-region.”

Air pollution is not only cause for concern to those with respiratory illnesses: children can also be affected as their organs and immune system are in the development stage while healthy adults have shown development of health complications due to exposure to dirty air.

Last September WHO announced it would be adjusting almost all air quality guidelines downwards, warning that exceeding new limits could result in significant risk to health.