2,000 new affordable homes in Manchester pledged by city council

  • New initiative to help low income families get on the property ladder
  • Link up with private sector means more giving chance to rent or buy 

Manchester City Council has pledged to help build 2,000 new homes every year for people on low incomes.

The council is working with public and private sector partners to allow those earning below the average household income to rent or buy in the city.

Over the last five years, 2,721 new homes were built through the city’s Affordable Homes Programme, but in the same period also saw 1,800 lost through demolition or Right to Buy schemes.

Councillor Bernard Priest, deputy leader of the council, said: “Manchester is leading the way to ensure the city can deliver decent and secure housing that meets the needs of residents.

“Decent housing shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be something that everyone in Manchester can enjoy.

“The key priority for the city council is over the next few years to make sure houses are available that provide good homes at affordable prices.”