24th May 2019 | By Matt Hartless

‘I think it’s likely we’ll still be in Europe for some time yet’

The Northern Quota spoke to Dr Ben Bowman, lecturer in youth criminology at MMU and expert on youth politics, about the EU elections and Theresa...

Police released this image of Gokmen Tanis

18th March 2019 | By nq_admin

Utrecht shootings: manhunt underway for gunman after shooting on tram

A student at Utrecht University has spoken to the Northern Quota about a shooting in the city which killed three and injured five others. A...


24th July 2017 | By nq_admin

Brexit and international educational opportunities

International relationships between universities here in Britain and in mainland Europe could be set to face a challenging few years with Brexit looming. But how...


10th July 2017 | By nq_admin

VIDEO – Protesting: From Manchester to Utrecht

Protesting is an integral part of any society, modern day, or old. Protests have been documented, written about, videoed, quashed and proven successful since records began....