US Election 2020


16th November 2020 | By Kennedy Raspberry

‘Biden’s victory struck a little glimmer of hope in me’: the view from Ohio

I, along with the rest of America, held my breath for four days as the votes were counted.  When it was announced that Joe Biden...


4th November 2020 | By Niall Hay

Texas: A View From Both Camps in Lubbock

Jason Corley (pictured, below), the Republican County Commissioner in Lubbock, denounced the media’s optimism of Biden’s potential, stating: “The media are not there to inform...

US 2020

3rd November 2020 | By Rachel Cowsill

What’s it like for Ohio’s student voters in this divisive US Election

It’s election day and the tensions are extremely high for US citizens awaiting the outcome of the Presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump....