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7th April 2021 | By Imogen Campion

Students are turning to OnlyFans site to make money during pandemic

Hard-up students have been selling explicit pictures of themselves online during the pandemic to help fund their way through university. Many students who cannot get...


5th December 2019 | By Imogen Campion

Groups come together in Student Union to raise awareness of climate emergency

With the climate crisis potentially being the biggest threat facing the 21st century, spreading awareness and informing people at every given opportunity is a vital...


13th March 2019 | By Hanya Hassan

Middle eastern and North African society hosts cultural festival at Manchester Student Union this Friday

Arab societies across universities in Manchester are hosting a night of culture to help international students embrace their identities. Although the cultural festival event take place...


6th February 2019 | By nq_admin

The Union MMU to hold Volunteering Fair for first time

  The Manchester Metropolitan University Student Union is for the first time hosting a Volunteering fair. The event will take place on Thursday 7th February...