stand up to racism


7th October 2021 | By Hattie Payne

Peaceful protesters gather in St Peter’s Square to oppose Tory party conference in Manchester

A group of protesters came together in St Peter’s Square on Tuesday evening to take a stance against the Tory Party Conference. I was at the peaceful...


26th January 2019 | By [email protected]

Police forced to keep rival protestors apart in Piccadilly Gardens after visit by ‘yellow vests’ to city

Police keep 'yellow vest' activists apart from counter-demonstrators in Piccadilly Gardens


7th January 2019 | By [email protected]

Manchester activists join nationwide refugee solidarity demonstration

Manchester Stand up to Racism held a demonstration in St Peter’s square as part of a nationwide solidarity protest in support of refugees. Members of...


3rd October 2018 | By [email protected]

Generation Identity’s anti-immigration message aimed at youth of Europe

The European-wide organization known as Generation Identity is viewed as a leading beacon for the Génération Identitaire movement. Their influence has spread throughout Europe since...


26th September 2018 | By Isaac Jordan

Anti-racism campaigners demonstrate outside University of Manchester against ‘extremist’ Generation Identity

Anti-racist campaigners have staged a protest against a far right group which has been targeting Manchester universities with ‘hate’ literature. Generation Identity has been accused...


10th July 2017 | By Thomas Walton

Moazzam Begg: We must stand up to racism

NQ reporter Tom Walton interviews former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Moazzam Begg at a Stand Up To Racism rally in Manchester