2nd October 2020 | By Victoria Thiele

Manchester Libraries celebrate role of black scientists during Black History Month

Science fans get to experiment in the footprints of black innovators during the Black History Month organised by Manchester Libraries. Black pioneers in science, technology,...


24th September 2020 | By Georgina Randall

Professor Brian Cox MBE to speak at the Manchester Green Summit on how to tackle climate change with science

Brian Cox is to give a speech in Manchester today looking at how science can be used to combat climate change. Professor Cox, who is professor...


17th June 2019 | By Matt Hartless

Why people listen to it to relax, where is it seen most often and what is its smell called – everything you need to know about rain!

We’ve seen one of the wettest and most dismal Junes in Manchester. So while many of you may not want to go out while the...


14th June 2019 | By Matt Hartless

University of Manchester inspire nearly 60,000 children to get involved with science

Tens of thousands of children come together next week to scientifically address the issues that matter to them most.  More than 58,000 children will take...


12th April 2019 | By Matt Hartless

Origins of Europe’s climate discovered by UoM scientist in shrimp shells

An international team of geographers has found indications that the climate we have in Europe today began 5000 years ago, hidden in the shells of...

Robots on display at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

21st February 2018 | By nq_admin

EXHIBITION: Robots @ Museum of Science and Industry

When we picture robots we often envisage farfetched futuristic assistants, there to make our life on Earth that little bit easier, a C3PO or R2D2....