21st January 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

Researchers Achieve Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Tissue Preservation 

Scientists have achieved a significant breakthrough in breast cancer research by keeping breast cancer tissue viable for at least a week outside the human body,...


9th February 2022 | By Alimat Akanni

Mum of new baby shares experience of participation in pioneering CBD treatment for brain injury

Three babies born at St Mary’s hospital were enrolled in a pioneering Cannabidiol (CBD) research as a potential treatment for newborns with moderate or severe brain injury....


16th January 2019 | By Lewis Finney

Opinion: What has the EU ever done for us?

Apart from investment in: farming, research, arts and culture, young people, growth and jobs and health care, what have the EU ever done for us?! The...


27th December 2018 | By R.McCourt

New global survey sets out to highlight and tackle corruption within business

When asked "Does your company have a formal policy on anti bribery and corruption?" a total of 19% of respondents had answered “no” with a further 10% answering that they "didn’t know". 


29th October 2017 | By Sanaa Reddy

Do ghosts exist? New research explores beliefs in the paranormal

  Is there life beyond death? Do ghosts really exist? Are aliens real? These are the continuing mysteries of the universe. Every person has their...