Police pursuits

Families and attendees stand in a crowd outside Friends Meeting House, holding banners, lit candles, and homemade carboard signs. They are all wearing coats. The sky is dark, and the pavement is wet from rain. The visible signs say: "End state violence", "End police killings", and "End police pursuits". The visible banners say: "Who do we turn to for support or answers when an egent of the state kills a loved one? Ronaldo was innocent", "#RonsWorld. Ronaldo Johnson. R.I.P.", and "G.M.P. have blood on their hands."

10th April 2024 | By Leslie Kerwin

No justice no peace: families and campaigners call for an end to ‘unnecessary’ police pursuits by GMP

Grieving families in Manchester are calling for an end to ‘unnecessary’ police chases which end in the deaths of young people.

Headshot of Ronaldo Johnson. He is a Black teenage male wearing a red waterproof jacket and black life jacket, staring directly into the camera and smiling. Behind him is a river and green foliage. He is in a canoe, but the canoe has been cropped out.

2nd April 2024 | By Leslie Kerwin

17-year-old passenger in speeding car chased by police was ‘unlawfully killed’, inquest determines

The death of a 17-year-old passenger who was driven through a red light while being pursued by police has been ruled an unlawful killing, an...