Oxford Road

Socialist Alternative Protests - Credit Makenna Ali

6th December 2023 | By Makenna Ali

Local activists claim “the system is by nature divided by rich and poor and gender baselines”

Feminist Socialist Alternative took to Oxford Road in Manchester to mark the United Nation’s international day for the elimination of violence against women. Socialist Alternative...

Junior Doctors striking outside Manchester Royal Infirmary

16th March 2023 | By Ruby Qaimkhani

NHS junior doctors’ strike: ‘restore pay so we can deliver better care’

Today (15 March) was the final day of the three-day NHS junior doctors’ strike at hospitals in and around Greater Manchester. Hundreds marched through Oxford Road to demand pay restoration and a reform of the medical sector.

Nail Bar Boys

6th December 2021 | By Megan Barlow

Nail Bar Boys salon on Oxford Road confronts stereotypes surrounding industry dominated by women

A new nail salon on Oxford Road which opened recently certainly looks ordinary enough from the outside But most people will be unaware that the...


31st October 2021 | By Olivia Weeks

Oxford Road lit up in first-ever ‘corridor of light’ festival celebrating area’s cultural life

The Corridor of Light festival took place at the weekend on Oxford Road boasting an array of shining installations celebrating the area’s artistic and cultural...

Oxford Road burst pipe closure

24th September 2021 | By Emma Mohammad

Flash flood caused by burst pipe outside University of Manchester forces closure of Oxford Road and Student Union

  United Utilities says it is working round the clock to repair damage caused by a flash flood near the University of Manchester and reopen Oxford Road. A burst...

Chinese Students clash with Hong Kong Protesters

3rd October 2019 | By [email protected]

Hong Kong protesters confronted by Chinese students in Manchester

The increasing tension in Hong Kong was felt in the heart of Manchester as students from mainland China unexpectedly squared off against students from Hong Kong...


16th January 2019 | By Lewis Finney

Opinion: What has the EU ever done for us?

Apart from investment in: farming, research, arts and culture, young people, growth and jobs and health care, what have the EU ever done for us?! The...

Bike Person Graphic

27th November 2018 | By Daniel Davies

Bad planning, ignorant motorists or just plain unsafe: what is stopping more people from getting on their bike?

Cyclists in Greater Manchester are voicing their anger over the dangers they face when using Manchester’s bicycle lanes. Images shared by cyclists show that poor planning...


26th October 2018 | By Sam Peckett

Oxford Road pollution ‘cuts six months off a person’s life’, report claims

Manchester is undergoing a ‘pollution crisis’ with illegal nitrogen dioxide levels causing up to 1,781 premature deaths per year, figures reveal. A report carried out by the...

Reclaim The Night - Cass Hyde

27th February 2018 | By nq_admin

Reclaim The Night march sees 2,000 students take to streets to protest against sexual harassment

More than 2,000 marched along Oxford Road on Thursday as part of the annual Reclaim the Night event. The march  saw students, families and campaigners...


30th October 2017 | By nq_admin

See UFO take off! Digital flying saucer heralds arrival of Manchester Plinth

A new art installation in a Manchester park allows people to watch a flying saucer take off and land using their smart phones. The Manchester...


16th October 2017 | By Freddie Bruhin-Price

Manchester gets its first taste of waste food

A restaurant called Real Junk Food Manchester has opened on Oxford Road which only sells dishes made using waste food products. The restaurant also has a “pay-what-you-feel” policy...


14th July 2017 | By Jack Colwell

Oxford Road cycle lanes: you have your say

With the re-opening of Oxford Road, Manchester residents gave me their thoughts on the upgrade. The main road, which runs through Manchester city centre, was...