nitrous oxide

Laughing gas canisters discarded by the side of a road near Ebbsfleet, Kent

30th November 2023 | By Rebecca Mills

Laughing Gas ban aims to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Laughing Gas, also known as nitrous oxide, has been made illegal for recreational use in the UK, making it the second country to do so....

GMP logo

29th April 2023 | By Thomas Markham

Laughing gas and off-road bikes the latest targets for GMP’s crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Greater Manchester Police have begun their crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Blackley through a new operation. The operation aims to tackle the laughing gas epidemic and the problems with off road bikes ruining green areas.


29th January 2020 | By karthiknair

Students get ‘hippy crack’ from corner stores selling it as whipped cream chargers

‘Hippy crack’ continues to flood Manchester’s streets as stores and online services sell them under the guise of whipped cream chargers. The shiny metal cannisters contain...