local elections 2022


6th May 2022 | By Joseph Ward

Why misogyny counts as the new normal in politics

The polls across Greater Manchester and other parts of the UK have served as the first test of public opinion over concerns about misogyny in...


6th May 2022 | By Rebecca Redican

Labour retains control of Salford council but concedes three seats to the Tories

Labour retained control of Salford Council but lost three seats to the Conservatives. The Liberal Democrats gained two seats and one seat was taken by an...


4th May 2022 | By Louis Smith-Howes

All parties look to make gains in Bury council election as greater Manchester goes to the polls

Earlier this year, Christian Wakeford, the newly-elected then Tory MP for Bury South, defected to the Labour party amid the Partygate scandal, causing a large state...


29th April 2022 | By nq_admin

LIVE: Manchester Local Elections 2022


26th April 2022 | By Rebecca Redican

Local elections in Greater Manchester could see biggest shake up in years

Local elections could see big changes across Manchester. See our interactive map to see who is in your area