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24th June 2022 | By Liam Taylor

‘I wanted to tell the story with the flower’: artist plants pansies at sites of homophobic abuse

Homophobia and transphobia have been around as long as the LGBTQ+ community itself. With 64% of LGBTQ+ people experiencing anti-LGBTQ+ violence or abuse, many queer...


16th October 2019 | By karthiknair

New action plan launched to help stem shock rise in hate crime in Manchester

A new hate crime plan has been launched after figures revealed a 14% rise in such crimes between 2018 and 2019 in Greater Manchester. There...


23rd December 2018 | By [email protected]

‘1000 Voices’ Manchester campaigners speak out against misogyny

#MisogynyISHate (MIS) campaign is pressing forward with its aim to make Greater Manchester Police treat misogyny as a hate crime.


13th December 2018 | By nq_admin

#ItsNotNice Campaign launched to raise awareness towards street harassment

Street harassment in an ongoing issue that most women have encountered at least once in their lives, if not more. It is such a huge...


16th November 2018 | By [email protected]

Islamic charity arrives in Manchester to help in battle against Islamophobia

A series of workshops aimed at combating hate crime is being held at the University of Manchester during Islamophobia awareness month. Members of the university...


30th June 2018 | By Nadia Turki

University art festival tackles increasing hate crime

An art festival geared to tackle the issue of hate crimes and discrimination will be held at Man Met in October. Arts Festival 2018 will...

Gothic Manchester Festival

30th October 2017 | By nq_admin

Sylvia Lancaster: why my daughter Sophie’s legacy is so important in the fight against hate crime

Halloween is a time many young people like to dress up like a Goth and try to be as scary as possible. But for Sylvia Lancaster,...

Stop The Hate

22nd June 2017 | By nq_admin

Huge increase in hate crime in Manchester following terror attack

There has been a significant increase in the amount of hate crimes reported across the Greater Manchester region since the terror attack at the Manchester...


16th February 2016 | By nq_admin

Rise in hate crimes against disabled

Greater Manchester Police have reported a rise in hate crimes with trans and disability hate crime seeing the highest rise compared to national average. A...