23rd April 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

FA cup final between Manchester United and Man city confirmed

The Football Association has announced that this year’s highly anticipated FA Cup final clash between Manchester City and Manchester United will commence at 3pm on...


1st September 2020 | By Anish Vij

Youth football coach says his players are regularly victims of racism: ‘my under 11 walked off crying after being kicked and called a monkey’

The head coach of a Bradford football team says that his players suffer racism on a regular basis with little punishment being given to offenders. Mohammed Waheed said,...


28th September 2016 | By Jack Colwell

Sam Allardyce Quits As England Manager

Sam Allardcye's reign as England manager has come to end, after only 67 days and one game. In an exclusive report in Tuesday's Daily Telegraph,...