Climate Emergency

1st December 2023 | By Zoe Spencer

Climate Emergency Manchester urge the council to ditch advertising high-carbon products

A Manchester-based activist group are putting pressure on the council to reduce the number of advertisements around the city centre promoting fossil fuel companies and...

16th November 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Religious protesters urge government to pay poorer countries for pollution damage

Religious volunteers staged a protest in Manchester to urge the government to pay damages caused to “poor countries” for pollution caused by climate change. Quakers,...


17th October 2020 | By Valentine Fourreau

Climate Emergency Manchester need your help to bring cleaner air to Manchester

Climate Emergency Manchester has launched a petition calling on the city council to establish a dedicated panel of councillors looking at climate issues.   The group...


11th December 2019 | By Megan Marsden

Vegan activist group reaches out to Christmas shoppers to spread eco message

Vegan activist group Manchester Animal Action gathered in Manchester city centre to promote animal rights and the benefits of a plant-based diet. Leaflets for both...

Climate Change activist

30th October 2019 | By Isaac Jordan

City council leader faces criticism for labelling protestors ‘climate extremists’

Councillor Richard Leese, leader of the city council, is facing criticism for his use of the phrase “climate extremists” when describing climate protestors in Manchester. Councillor Leese...


7th October 2019 | By Isaac Jordan

Activists criticise city council for ‘inaction’ over climate change emergency

Manchester City Council has come under fire for  ‘inaction’ on the climate emergency following the publication of a Freedom of Information response by climate activists....


3rd October 2019 | By Pruthvi Khilosia

Extinction Rebellion activists from Manchester prepare for protests in the capital

Students in Manchester are gearing themselves up for a week of protests as part of Extinction Rebellion’s campaign on the climate emergency.  This week a...


10th July 2019 | By [email protected]

Manchester Council declares Climate Emergency

Manchester City Councillors have put forward the notion to declare a climate emergency and achieve a carbon neutral city by 2038.  Member of Youth Parliament, Ishaa...