21st January 2024 | By Emmanuella Coffie

Councillor of Blackley assures safety amidst current robbery cases 

Olusegan Ogunbambo, councillor of higher Blackley, has urged residents of Blackley to keep calm and support the police with any information that will help in the...

Picture of Manchester City centre on Rochdale Road

18th May 2023 | By Thomas Markham

How does Blackley and Charlestown compare to other wards within Manchester?

More than 50% of people living Charlestown are deprived in more than one dimension. This means that more than half of the people living in Charlestown are deprived in one of the ONS four measures.

GMP logo

29th April 2023 | By Thomas Markham

Laughing gas and off-road bikes the latest targets for GMP’s crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Greater Manchester Police have begun their crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Blackley through a new operation. The operation aims to tackle the laughing gas epidemic and the problems with off road bikes ruining green areas.

6th April 2023 | By Thomas Markham

Blackley fire station set to become carbon-neutral after receiving a £38m investment

Blackley fire station has been included in a £38m investment. The fire station will be redeveloped to become more fit for purpose and to meet Manchester's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2038.

Blackley fire station redevelopment

28th February 2023 | By Thomas Markham

Blackley fire station to receive ‘major overhaul’ as part of £38m investment across Manchester

Greater Manchester Combined Authority have announced plans to redevelop Blackley fire station as part of a £38 million investment. The new building will be enviromentally friendly and allow communities access to using the facilities.


22nd May 2020 | By Ethan Cooney

Three hidden gems to explore over lockdown Bank Holiday in Blackley

Ethan Cooney, has picked 3 locations in his home area of Blackley where you can experience a tranquil walk or a scenic run wihtout the need to travel. These locations are big enough for you to keep 2 meters apart but not so lonely that you won't occasionally meet other ramblers along the way.