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Manchester Central conference hall and conservative party signs

Manchester prepares for Conservative Party conference

  • The Conservative Party conference is due to start in Manchester on Sunday
  • Manchester Central Exhibition Centre will be hosting the event
  • Parliament has rejected a motion calling for a three day recess to coincide with the conference

The posters are up and the work has begun on the Tory party conference in Manchester. There is a noticeable police presence outside the hall with bomb squad cars, sniffer dogs and blockades surrounding the entirety of the building to make sure every attendee is safe.

Police car Conservative Conferences

Near the exhibition centre, party banners along the street have been ripped.

Ripped Conservative party banner

There are signs of protest with pro-EU and Extinction Rebellion posters plastered alongside the banners. This comes in the wake of the unprecedented Supreme Court judgement which found the Prime Minister acted unlawfully when he suspended parliament.

EU and Extinction Rebellion posters

Not everyone is opposed to the conference, however. A local business owner, who didn't want to give his name, said "any event taking place near the pub is a good thing as we tend to have a large uptake in sales."

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