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Maxine Peake

St Peter's Square Tram stop
13th Feb
A petition to rename St Peter’s square in Manchester as Peterloo square has met with a cool reaction from the public. An e-petition on the...
Simone Bitmate and Rachel Finnegan in Peterloo
4th Nov
Ye are many, they are few This the famous and often-quoted final line of Percy Bysse Shelly's Masque of Anarchy, a poem written about the...
Charlotte Puckering with famous actress Maxine Peake
14th Feb
NQ's Charlotte Puckering caught up with Maxine Peake, who has been made a Patron of the GM Law Centre.  Maxine, famous for her roles in...
10th Feb
The Greater Manchester Law Centre is opening tomorrow, with the aim of providing access to free and independent legal advice and representation...
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