Reporting Institutions

19th January 2024 | By Meg Jones

‘We have promises to our people’: Manchester City Council’s future plans to save the environment

The committee for ‘Environment, Climate Change and Neighbourhood Scrutiny’ held a meeting to discuss its progress on bins and litter, active travel strategies and ‘Vision...

18th January 2024 | By Meg Jones

‘Choosing between eating or heating’: the cost of living crisis vs. Women

The Women and Equalities select committee are knuckling down on how the cost of living crisis is impacting women. The committee opened their enquiry in...

metal arches in Piccadilly Gardens, guarded by GMP

26th October 2023 | By Meg Jones

Greater Manchester Police have implemented ‘Operation Vulcan’ in Piccadilly Gardens in bid to reduce knife crime

Greater Manchester Police are knuckling down on Knife crime with unavoidable metal detectors in the centre of Piccadilly Gardens.