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Rusholme AKA the Curry Mile / Shisha Sidewalk
9th Oct
The Northern Quota took to the streets to find out what Manchester residents consider to be their favourite and least favourite parts of the city....
northern quarter, historic building, manchester, heritage
5th Oct
Residents in the Northern Quarter have taken to Twitter to say they feel “abandoned” and “ignored” by the council as historic buildings in the area...
3rd Oct
Last year, the government released figures showing that there were 4,751 rough sleepers in the UK, an increase of 15% on the year before. The...
Generation Identity, Stand Up To Racism, HopenotHate, University of Manchester
3rd Oct
The European-wide organisation known as Generation Identity is viewed as a leading beacon for the Génération Identitaire movement. Their influence...
Loneliness Art Sculpture
1st Oct
Young people experience loneliness more often and more intensely than any other age group, a new survey has found. The nationwide survey, led by the...
Generation Identity, Stand Up To Racism, University of Manchester
26th Sep
Anti-racist campaigners have staged a protest against a far right group which has been targeting Manchester universities with 'hate' literature....
Dirty Ice Cream Freezers
24th Sep
A Greater Manchester food takeweay has been closed down after inspectors found evidence of rat and mice infestations on the premises. Owner ...
Malala, Mother Tongue Other Tongue, Man Met,
2nd Jul
  Noble Peace Prize winner and activist for girls eduation, Malala Yousafzai, gave an inspirational speech to young people at Man Met...
30th Jun
An art festival geared to tackle the issue of hate crimes and discrimination will be held at Man Met in October. Arts Festival 2018 will be held...
29th Jun
Nearly 3,000 litter louts are caught in Manchester yearly despite the city council’s recent £14.5m crackdown on anti-social behaviour. On-the-spot...


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