¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American festival launches at HOME

  • Festival runs from 22 March 22 to 13 April
  • Festival celebrates Spanish speaking cinema and theatre
  • Programme includes the play Kingdom, which runs from 9 April

The ¡Viva! festival which celebrates Spanish speaking cinema and theatre launches at HOME on Friday in its 25th year.

The festival will include a number of events celebrating Spanish and Latin American culture, as well as promoting female directors writers and producers as it coincides with HOME’s year-long celebration of women in global cinema.

One of the events at this year’s festival is the play, Kingdom, which runs from 9-13 April. 

Kingdom at HOME
Kingdom combines film with live performance

Presented by theatre group, Señor Serrano, Kingdom tells the history of capitalism and bananas. The piece is a mixture of different styles and storytelling tools.

The company says: “Kingdom is an irreverent cocktail, mixing bananas, consumerism, virile choreographies, commercials, punk rock, King Kong, supermarkets, growth, confusion, expansion, multinationals, shortages, coups d’état, trap music, and very macho men in an endless party.  

Kingdom at HOME
Bananas feature throughout Kingdom

“Using video cameras, scale models, video projection and live music, Kingdom continues to develop the idea of cinema-in-real-time. Using the character of King Kong and footage from the original and remakes, Kingdom brings the history of capitalism and bananas together, in a way that has never been told before.”

HOME staes: “We’re celebrating 25 years of cross-border creativity, collaborations and partnerships, which have brought the best film, art and theatre from Spain and beyond to audiences from Manchester and the wider UK. Here’s to the next 25 years! ¡Disfrutad el festival!”