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Universal Credit

Foodbank, Universal Credit, poverty
28th Oct
The cut to the £20-a-week increase to Universal Credit has left families in a vulnerable state and reliant on foodbanks to get by, it is...
Universal Credit
26th Oct
A meeting of Manchester city council was dominated by the cut in the Universal Credit £20 uplift which councillors say has left...
universal credit, cut
14th Oct
Manchester city council is committed to fighting for residents and to do all it can to ensure the most vulnerable are supported and...
4th Oct
Manchester faces a dire shortage of affordable homes as families on housing benefit face a rise in poverty levels and being priced out of the city,...
28th Nov
Hungry No More aim is to raise awareness to the importance of food banks across the city and how hard they work to provide a meal for those in...
GMLC Demonstration - Photo Courtesy of Greater Manchester Law Centre
13th Oct
Manchester’s most prominent law centre is refusing to help implement  universal credit and is supporting calls to end its roll-out. Greater...
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