manchester city council


1st March 2017 | By helen heath

Manchester City Council Plans to Create UK’s First LGBT Community for Older People

Manchester City Council has announced plans to create a community that will protect Manchester's LGBT residents from discrimination, and provide an area in which they...

Manchester city council

11th January 2017 | By nq_admin

Manchester City Council respond to Lib Dem claims that 5% tax increase is to fund town hall bosses pay rise

Responding to claims from the Liberal Democrats that there will be a 5% increase in council tax to accomodate a pay rise for top town...


11th January 2017 | By Jack Colwell

2,000 new affordable homes in Manchester pledged by city council

Manchester City Council has pledged to help build 2,000 new homes every year for people on low incomes. The council is working with public and...


6th December 2016 | By nq_admin

City-wide libraries survey reveals progress of Manchester’s library

The Public Library Users Survey, carried out across Manchester’s 22 public libraries over a one-week period in October, found that 93.3% of 4,750 people surveyed gave their...


30th November 2016 | By nq_admin

John Leech agrees with Manchester City Council’s proposals following proposed boundary changes

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England has asked residents across Manchester to comment on its draft proposals for new council ward boundaries. The eight-week public consultation...


28th September 2016 | By nq_admin

Rogue Landlord Hit with Record Fine

Beckhall Properties Ltd, of Lower Hillgate, Stockport was fined a total of £108,000 for 12 separate offences. The company was also ordered to pay the...