General Election

Jeremy Corbyn at a rally in Salford

17th May 2017 | By nq_admin

VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn holds rally in Salford after launching election campaign in Manchester

Jeremy Corbyn launched his party's General Election campaign in Manchester last week.  Putting the interests of the many before the few, the theme of Labour's...


12th May 2017 | By nq_admin

Have you registered to vote in the General Election?

When? With less than 4 weeks until the snap-General Election, Mancunians are being reminded to register to vote. The deadline to register to vote in...

Greater Manchester county boundaries

12th May 2017 | By nq_admin

Manchester candidates for General Election announced

All the candidates for Manchester constituencies in the General Election have been confirmed by the City Council. Labour currently hold 4 out of the 5...